akoul.blogspot.com (By Ashish Koul) - May'11

posted Jun 11, 2011, 11:36 AM by Ayush Jain
This blog started in June, 2010 by Ashish Koul and today has 121+ articles on excel functions, tips and VBA Macros. The blog is regularly updated by Ashish Koul and is a good repository of frequntly used macros & functions.
I am proud to announce this blog as 'Blog of the Month' for May'11
About Ashish Koul : Ashish resides in Delhi, India and currently working with CSC. He is automation expert and his role is to automate tasks using VBA Macros and Advanced Excel. His favorite pass time is solving Excel Queries, Listening Music & Traveling.
THANK YOU Ashish for managing this great blog. You are helping group members along with creating a space to learn macros. This is great job.
Many congratulations.