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Opening Multiple Windows / Comparing two or more sheets

posted Jan 30, 2011, 7:16 AM by Ayush Jain
One of the most frustrating problems for Excel users is viewing all the information they need, especially because it often lives in different worksheets. Here you can know about this simple way to view multiple sheets, and you will love forever.

1. Click on the worksheet you want to view.
2. Choose New Window from the Window group of View Tab.
3. Repeat this process for each of the worksheets you want to display. (Excel opens each sheet in a window that sits on top of the previous one.)
4. To see them all at one time, choose 'Arrange All' from the Window menu.
5. Select Tiled, Horizontal, or Vertical.
6. Select the 'Windows Of Active Workbook' check box.
7. Click OK.