Rajan Verma - July'11

posted Aug 6, 2011, 5:28 AM by Ayush Jain
Rajan Verma has been selected as 'Most Helpful Member' for the month of July'11
He has posted 170 posts in July 2011 and helped many people through his expertise. He has been consistent contributor to this excel forum and but achived this recognition for the first time.

He has also created a record of highest number of posts by any individual in a month.

We as a group made a record of 1350+ posts in a month. Thanks everyone...Thats really awesome. :)
About Rajan :
He is working with INDUS TOWERS LTD Pune (A Large Telecom Company ) as a energy manager since last 4 years. MIS Automation with Excel VBA comes as his area of Interest He is pursuing Msc-IT and getting experience in writing application.