Sam Mathai Chacko - Oct'11

posted Nov 1, 2011, 9:58 AM by Ayush Jain
Sam Mathai Chacko has been recognised as 'Most Helpful Member' for the month of Oct'11
He has posted 147 posts (13% of total posts) in Oct 2011 and helped many people through his expertise. He has been consistent contributor to this excel forum but has acheived this recognition for first time.
Sam, Many thanks for all your fantastic support to group. Cheers!!
Thanks to Don Guillett, Noorain, Ashish, Dilipandey, Rajan , Aamir, Hasib , XLSS, shaneallen  and other folks for helping excel enthusiasts voluntarily !! Keep it up !!
About Sam :
Sam is Kerala born malayalee and has been in Gurgaon, since 2004 and living happily with his family. He has been working in WNS, Gurgaon as a Team Manager and leading a big team of 23 MS-office specialists.
Sam is passionate about office applications, and wanted to share and help people around on same. He regularly spend 2 hours online daily to solve people queries on different forums. Apart from work, he is fond of computer games and like to spend time with his kid.  
Cheers !!