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Want to get your question answered quickly?

If you keep below points in mind while asking your query, The chances to get answered is just high :
  1. Ensure your question is not too vague. Don't assume anyone is familiar with your problem. While you can upload small attachments, describe your problem in the body of the post. We are fortunate to have several Excel gurus, but few mind-readers.
  2. On the other hand, skip irrelevant details. Be descriptive and concise. Short, direct, and to-the-point questions with apt thread titles are almost always answered promptly.
  3. Keep the scope reasonably narrow. Questions like, "How do I set up an accounting system in Excel?" might be a long time waiting.
  4. Explain what you've already tried. ("Calculation is set to automatic, but formulas still don't compute") so helpers don't waste your time or theirs.
  5. Post a WORKBOOK. Nobody wants to type data from a picture or paste text from your post into a spreadsheet as a prelude to helping. To attache a file, You can email them as attachments to your group's email address excel-macros@googlegroups.com OR Simply "Attach a file" during posting in New Google Groups.
  6. If your question has not been answered within a day, consider adding another post with any additional information you believe is relevant.